How To Find Copyright Free Images

Not all images downloaded from the internet are free to use and hence the concept of How To Find Copyright Free Images comes into place.

You need to understand the implication of copying images from the internet first to understand why it is important to create your own images or take images from the places where you will only get copyright free images, also known as free stock images.

When you copy any material from other people’s work without their consent there is a chance that they can ask you to remove their content from every place you used it which will ruin your time, energy and effort. They can also report you to Google, Youtube or any other platform you use their content(image, music, videos etc.) on and these platforms can then strike your content and when such incidence happen few times, your account can be terminated and in blogging terms, your content will never get ranked.

After understanding the implications, let’s dive deep on how to create your own images or use copyright free images from Google and 10’s of other free stock images websites.

How to Create Your Own Images:

  1. The main tool which most online marketers use to create their images for blogging or social media is, Canva is very easy and fast to create images and you can do a lot of things with it. I will not get into details here, you can go to Canva and play with it.
  2. The other tool which I use to create images is, it does not give you templates like Canva but when you know what you want to create then this is the tool you must use.
  3. is another great tool to help you with your graphics, I didn’t use it much myself but I know it’s really good.
  4. For Mac and iPhone users, there are few more on the go tools to create images which are wordswag, Color Splash, and Rohnna Designs. There are many more apps available but you can use any one of these to get good with graphic designs, Remember less is more here, do not overwhelm yourself.

Now apart from creating images from scratch you can do few more things like taking a copyright free image and then editing it with above-mentioned tools or you can directly take an image and use it wherever you want as per the requirement. Find free stock Images from below mentioned websites:

Most people search images from Google but do you know that there is a way to find copyright free images from Google itself?

Go to google and type google images advance search, put in the keyword in the “all these words” section and fill other relevant fields if required and then go the “usage rights” drop-down 

section and select the appropriate option, and then click on advanced search and all the images displayed there are copyright free.

You can watch the video below where I explain how to use google advanced image search to get copyright free Images, volume maybe bit low but you can understand the complete process by going through the video.

The Other websites which provide Copyright free images are listed below:


It’s a big list, you can use few of them according to your need and bookmark this page for others if the need arises in future to look at some other websites.

If you understand Hindi then you can also watch the video below where I show you how to use Google Advanced Image search and Canva.

How To Find Copyright Free Images

I hope you got some value from this post, I tried my best to put things inside this article and if you are aware of any other good tool then let us know in the comment section below

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