How to Get Web Hosting

Wanna know How to Get Web Hosting service provider that provides you good support, services, and 99.9%uptime? In this article, I will show you my experience with the web hosting companies and why I use Siteground web hosting right now and changed few other hosts in the past and why I will stick to Siteground only.

Web Hosting

How to Get Web Hosting

I will share some features of Sitegrounds and compare it to some of the best heard names that you hear on TV and watch all over the internet. The result will be based on Speed, Security, and Support.


Speed of the website depends on many factors and hosting is one of them and Siteground scores very high in terms of website speed, Speed also depends on the theme that you have chosen and a number of plugins that you have installed on your website, some plugins and themes uses complex coding and decreases the website speed. Most premium themes are lightweight and hence increases website speed.

Industry average loading time is 4.7s and Siteground’s loading time without cache is 1.7s and if you use caching then it is 1.3s

Use Pingdom to calculate your website speed and see where your website stand. There is a possibility that even after using Siteground, your load speed can be more than 4s, if that happens, then contact Siteground support and they will help you to reduce your load time.

Apart from loading speed, the other important factor is a number of visitors your website can handle at a time, see the graphs to see where all the hosting websites stand. These graphs show the no.of visitors your website can handle in 2 min time.

Caching is another important aspect to increasing no.of hits a website can take and reduce the load time, and Siteground had an inbuilt option into the CPanel to enable it and have higher performance.


Watch the images that I have taken from the Siteground itself which showcases comparison of 12 different web hosts.

Having a vulnerability which is not known to developers is a common issue, but once it is known to a developer, how fast can he remove the vulnerability speaks volume about his work and this is where Siteground stood heads high from its competitors as shown in the diagram.

The other important aspect about web hosting, especially shared web hosting is how your files are isolated from other customer who are using the same machine, as a mix up between multiple users can cause a lot of trouble to everyone and you may end up losing all your website data in case of a problem, although I’ve never seen such an incident from any host till now, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Siteground was the first web hosting company to implement the isolation features in its web hosting services, and soon other hosting providers also followed them.


The Live chat support from Siteground is available 24×7, and they respond pretty fast and resolve most of the issues while on chat, I always use this feature and never had an issue, I rate them better than all the 3 web hosting I used in the past in this aspect.

Watch the Video explanation on How to Get Web Hosting

I hope this article was helpful for you to decide which web hosting service to buy and why I choose Siteground as my preferred web hosting platform.

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