How to Contact a Customer on eBay India

There are many occasions when a requirement arises to contact a buyer and in this post I will show you how to contact a customer on eBay India.

Sometimes it’s for changing the order because you have gone out of stock and you have another equivalent or better alternative which you can provide and it is always better to take approval from customer first instead of just sending it, At times it’s about canceling the order and again approval from customer is better as it reduces the defect rate on eBay and makes you power seller in long term or in some cases asking for extension to restock the product and ship it to the customer.

Most Importantly, when a claim is raised against a product, eBay wants a seller to have conversation with the buyer through eBay messages and resolve that claim and it directly affects the performance of the seller and the performance of your account is one of the important matrices on eBay to become a top rated seller on eBay which means more orders and faster payments

 Steps on How to Contact a Customer on eBay India 

  1. Click on my paisa pay
  2. Go to sold with paisa pay
  3. On the order for which you want to contact buyer click on buyers name and new screen will open up
  4. Click on contact (contact is present in the top right-hand side)
  5. Select an Item and Click on Continue, and if it’s not about an item click on checkbox which says it’s not about an item and then click on continue
  6. Now write and message and hit send, and if you would like to have a copy on your email too them select a checkbox which says send a copy to my email address.

How to Contact a Customer on eBay India

I hope you learned something new about eBay from this post, and if there is anything, in particular, you want to know you can contact me or write in the comment section below, and you can also search it on my website by going to search section on the top right section.

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