Leaders are Readers: Scribd Review

Leaders are Readers: Scribd Review

In this Scribd Review article, I will show you how you can save some money and read your favorite books with a tiny monthly budget

Ever heard the word leaders are readers? It’s actually true, take any successful person in any niche and you will find that leaders always feed their brain all the time with relevant content from other persons work, be it from a normal one to one conversations, watching videos or reading the books published by other leaders in their niche.

Scribd is Everything You Want to Read. Only $8.99/Month


Leaders are Readers: Scribd Review:

For a limited time, Scribd is providing a free 30 day trial on their premium plan which means you can read 3 books for free which otherwise you have to pay for plus you can also listen to 1 audio book.
Remember one thing though, Scribd will verify your credit/debit card and you have to cancel the membership before one month if you do not want to continue your membership.

So if you want to try out and compare Scribd with other platforms and see if you would love to continue with it or not, you can do so for absolutely no cost to you, wow what a deal 🙂

Apart from reading your favorite books, you can also read your favorite magazines and if you are a blogger like me, then you can also get a lot of content ideas to produce for your blog.

Watch my video to see what’s inside and how to utilize your Scribd trial account, since it’s free for first 30 days, why don’t you experience it yourself.

Leaders are Readers: Scribd Review

Scribd is Everything You Want to Read. Only $8.99/Month

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