ManageFlitter Review: Unfollow the Non Followers

There are many Twitter automation tools in the market and most of them are really good and here I will share with you ManageFlitter Review to enable you to unfollow the non-followers fast and easy.

Since there are many good Twitter tools out there, how to decide which one to go after and use? Well, the answer is to try all of them for free first and then decide which one to choose from and then stick with the one which you like the most.

Or if you are on a tight budget you can use multiple tools at once to manage your Twitter and once you grow your business you can go premium with any one tool. Sounds good?

ManageFlitter Review: Unfollow the Non-Followers:

ManageFlitter allows you to unfollow many non-followers for free on a daily basis whereas other similar tools have a low capping with their free plan of 100 or 200.
Note: Follow feature is only available with ManageFlitter Premium account

To get started with ManageFlitter, Sign in directly from your TwitterManageFlitter Review profile and you will be taken to the unfollow page which looks like as shown in the image.

The first place you must go is to the not follow back section, here you will find the list of people you are following but they are not following you back, or unfollowed you in the past. Unfollow all the people who do not follow you back within 2-3 days

The next list of people to unfollow is people with no profile image, this shows that these people are not active or serious on Twitter and don't interact with your tweets anyway.

Then proceed to non-English profile to unfollow, this is for people who only speaks English. If you speak any other language and have following from the people who speak the same language, then use this with care.

Next Unfollow inactive people from your following, This has to be done to increase your follow ratio which allows you to follow more people in your selected niche, and again these people do not read your tweets anyway.

Next step is to unfollow the Fake(spam) id's, These are the people who promote their stuff too often and provide little to no value at all, remember you only want to see valuable or interesting content in your Twitter feed, so keep it clean to get the right kind of information you need.

I only browse the above topics and leave the rest of them out, you can explore them and see if they are of any interest to you.

I don't have a premium ManageFlitter account, so I can not explain the rest of the stuff to you, It's easy to understand once you decide to go pro

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