Post Planner App Review: 3 Steps to boost your marketing and Engagement

Post Planner App ReviewIf you are reading this post, chances are you already know something about Post Planner and would like to know more about it and especially from someone who is using it already. Most of the reviews out there on the internet are just meant to ridicule some tools and programs so that at the end of the review they can provide something else to make an extra affiliate commission, so don’t fall for such reviews about anything you are searching for. Now let’s get into the core of the things and let me give you my honest insider Post Planner App Review.

Post Planner App Review: 3 Steps to boost your marketing and Engagement

Using post planner is as easy as counting 1…2….3 🙂  I will show you 3 important features of post planner step by step

  1. FindThis is a section where you can find the content to post to your social popular section in post plannermedia platforms, as of now it only support Facebook and Twitter and to post on Instagram, I go to Facebook from mobile and then choose the image I want to post on Instagram by selecting an option ‘Share External’ and then post it to Instagram manually. Now within Find section too there are three types of categories which are broken down into steps as shown below.(i) Popular – As can be seen on the right side it also has 8 subcategories to choose from, some have images, some are URL’s from top websites(I will show you below how you can benefit from these URLs and promote your stuff or build an email list) and some are status ideas from top authors and marketers.(ii) Status Ideas – This piece of content is really powerful, this is specially meant to have more engaPost Planner App Reviewgement from your followers by asking interesting questions and giving away some trivial information. This works well with Facebooks Algorithm and increases your reach. Since I spoke about reach, let me explain you my finding of content posted from post planner to Facebook.  Somewhere I heard that using third party tools for Facebook is no more a good option and does a lot of harm than any good because Facebook hates third party tools and want to restrict their usage, But that was not true when I personally used post planner, Post planner gave me more reach then my handcrafted content which I used on Facebook and engagement were higher too, So if you heard such news too then you can be assured that’s not true especially in case of Post Planner, I am not sure about other social media tools though, maybe the reason might be that post planner is a Facebook app.(iii) My Content – In this section, you can target any Facebook Page, Twitter Handle or keyword which you want to personally use apart from suggestions from post planner and you can save them in a folder and start sharing it from there. Again a very powerful feature to beat any other tool out there(As I told you before wait a little more to see how sharing other people’s quality content can benefit you in terms of promoting your own offers or building an email list)
  2. Plan
    Within Plan section, you can time your content individually for all the accounts which you have added inside post planner. For example, I post 3-6 times only for my Facebook fan page but for twitter, I try to stay little aggressive and post every half an hour, I see some people being a lot more aggressive on twitter than that, reason being twitter moves very fast and to get more eyeballs or impressions on your content you have to post multiple times an hour(yes hours not day 🙂 ). So plan your content as per your needs and ask me in the comments below if you need any ideas from me.
  3. Post
    In this section, you can see all of your planned and posted content and you can change the hierarchy of your planned content as well if you want to by moving it up or down and from your posted section you can view the content that is being posted by you on different accounts and you can repost it or re plan it again and repurpose your content as many times as you want. Again, this is really powerful.

 What’s there in the Settings Section?

    1. Social Networks – Connect all your facebook profile and Fan Pages and your Twitter Handles as well, with this basic Love plan you can add up to 10 accounts and it increases as you upgrade your plan to higher level
    2. Team – You can add your team members and Virtual Assistant(or Assistant) here and provide them access to the account you want them to operate on
    3. Sharebar – This is one of the many best features that post planner have, you can add a small portion on top of any website that you share from post planner and that can be your affiliate link, link to your website or even an opt-in form(available with Guru Plan), It also shows your facebook and Twitter handle so that people can get in touch with you if they want to. Watch the video below to understand how this works and how you can get benefitted from it.

  1. Profile – Provide your details here like name, email, company etc
  2. Defaults – Set your default account here where you want to post most often. It can be just a single profile or it can also be multiple accounts, choose as per your needs
  3. Account – Here you have your plan details and payment options, you can change your card on post planner files and upgrade to higher options as well. You can also stop your future subscriptions from here if you don’t want to get billed again for some odd reason
  4. Log Out – This is the last thing you would like to do on post planner app 🙂

Post Planner App Review: 3 Steps to boost your marketing and Engagement


I love to use the post planner app and highly recommend it, If you want to know anything else about post planner which I might have missed then you can ask it in the comment section below and I will be happy to assist you.

Hope you loved post planner review I tried my best to keep all the points in front of you

Click here to try post planner yourself. This is it from me about post planner app review, Thanks for the read and I would love to have some comments from you about your feedback and knowledge of post planner app

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