Sourcing Idea from the comfort of your Phone

Most of the people who start selling online face lot of struggle initially and no doubt sourcing is one of them, a major one I must say. When I started I struggled with the sourcing part too, but now after 2+ years of my journey and experience I know how to do sourcing and that too at a good price which enables me to sell whatever I sell at the cheapest rate online most of the time which I forward to my paid members also and in this post I will give you Sourcing Idea from the comfort of your Phone which will get you going on e-commerce platforms.

There are a lot of ways but here I will talk about only one in detail because with this one you don’t have to buy anything in hundreds to get the competitive edge and invest a lot. you can buy 5-100 items and try the products out before getting into heavy bulk buying to reduce prices and get more margin.

It’s an app name WYDR which you can install from your play store and start your research and buy the products which fit your criteria of buying and to access it from Laptop or computer you can type into your browser and you are good to go.

In the video below I have explained in detail on how to use it. But this is not the be all and end all of the sourcing because there are much more possibility of bringing the rates down and it requires hustle on online portal likes Indiamart, TradeIndia, Aliexpress, Alibaba etc. and also going offline into markets and finding the wholesalers but remember one thing, On this app MOQ(minimum order quantity) is very less for most of the orders so you can first try to sell any product which you like and once you see the good no.of sales coming, then you can go into bulk buying. Rinse and Repeat and you will see things working for you.

Sourcing Idea from the comfort of your Phone

I hope I was to able to provide you something new with this post and Video, if there is anything in particuar that you want to ask me you can always ask me in the comment section within my website or Youtube and I will try my best to provide a solution.



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